NO-OX-ID - 1 Pack

Stop rust and block corrosion with NO-OX-ID rust proofing products. These rust preventatives form a barrier coating to insure corrosion protection in severe corrosive and marine environments.


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24 Pack coax cable with ALU proprietary connector used to cable the ALU DMX/DMXtend DS3 ports.
Cleaning Sticks are used for cleaning the end face of fiber optic connectors that are mounted in bulkhead adapters that are used on patch panels, test equipment, components, etc. Also good for crafts, school projects, and gun cleaning. Endless possibilities for uses.
The DMX test board was designed to do loop back testing at the MDSX instead of using a streaker card on a live MUXpossibly causing a service event. The connectors on this board were designed to directly mimic the connector layout on the rear of the DMX and DMXtend. This was done so the installer can fully dress the cabling into the bay and test the cables as if they were plugged into the system.
VELCRO® Brand One-Wrap® general purpose ties are perfect for controlling and organizing wires, cords, and cables and for bundling a wide range of materials-from flowers to tools. Adjustable One-Wrap® ties are strong, reusable, and designed for heavier-duty indoor or outdoor use.
Stop rust and block corrotion with NO-OX-ID rust preventative. It achieves corrosion protection by blocking corrosion with a barrier coating. Small, disposable, and one-time use tubes promote less waste, are economical and convenient. Also, airline approved for carry on.
Complete Fiber Optic Cleaning System – No refills to buy or investment in expensive mechanisms to maintain Effective “Wet” or “Dry” Connector Cleaning – The only cleaning system that gives both options: For “Wet” cleaning use Electro-Wash® PX Fiber Optics Cleaner or blot connector on Electro-Wash® MX Presaturated wipe first Provides the Ideal Cleaning Surface – The QbE® cleaning platen is perfect for outside plant or OEM application Convenient Size – Portable cleaning system easily fits in tool cases or stores on work benches.
Precision Color matches to standard TELCO color. Our “brush in cap” designed bottle promotes efficiency. Buy in single or multi/single colored kits of six or eight Avaliable : Blue Network Bay touch up paint / Grey Network Bay touch up paint / Orange fiber rack touch up paint
Used as an insulating material between equipment and cables. Our Pre-cut fish papers promote on the job efficiency and are cost effective. Installers do not have to waste valuable time at the work site cutting the Fish Papers. Our Pre-cut fish paper is convenient, cost effective and looks more professional with no waste. Available Size 2.5 X 5" / 2.5 X 10" / 10 X 24"