Rack Integration (Rack & Stack)

Rack Integration (Rack & Stack)

IncrediTek Adds Value

Faster Deployment

dramatically decrease order to installation times

Tailored Solutions

to meet special requirements

Consistent Quality

comprehensive testing processes and strict ISO governance

Pre-rack, pre-wire and prepare for turn-up. Our team evaluates the condition of your installation location and collects relevant data required to get your site ready for operations. The resulting rack integration includes the equipment rack layout design, installation, and customer cable assembly and harnessing. It also identifies and allocates the required installation, fuse panels and test materials needed for turn-up.

IncrediTek’s environmentally controlled asset management, production and staging area is conveniently located in the Washington DC / Baltimore MD area. The faster next-generation network equipment can be built and deployed, the sooner operating companies can start growing revenues from new services. IncrediTek provides world-class, comprehensive integration services that offer:

  • Electro-mechanical assemblies - rack and stack builds
  • Integration – electronics, optics, RF
  • Cable Assemblies - from generic to custom
  • Test – regulatory compliance, power, communications
  • Material and sub-assembly sourcing to board component level
  • Component distribution and brokerage
  • Mechanical design for manufacturability
  • Configuration and documentation services
  • Stocking and inventory management for JIT programs
  • Direct order fulfillment – we ship directly to the end customer to expedite product delivery

Procurement and Staging

IA program manager expedites any in-process changes and facilitates the process to ensure that third-party and consigned materials are always available.

QA and System Testing

Prior to shipping, IncrediTek performs a series of software and physical tests to ensure the system is fully operational and meets the necessary standards. We are an ISO 9001- 2000 and TL9000 certified company.

Design, Verification and Modification

Our engineering staff has extensive design experience with network equipment and systems. We can assist with initial rack design, create assembly and verification procedures, manage and prototype modifications, and ensure compliance with appropriate standards.

System Configuration

In addition to assembling and integrating components into the rack, we ensure correct installation and configuration, operating systems, middleware and application software on each of the system platforms.


Racks are shipped with full user documentation as required, including documentation of the hardware and software and a complete system configuration guide. Control of design and assembly documentation is rigorously governed to ensure timely updates as changes are implemented.