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Supply Chain Management Services

IncrediTek operates nationally, working with and supporting global service providers. We are committed to providing proven services and support to our customers and the Value Added Service of reselling quality products when and where they are needed. Understanding your networking needs allows us to recommend and partner to solve network optimization issues.

We will be a dedicated partner who not only sells networking architecture equipment, but also offers a full range of products and services to support your business. IncrediTek is a Value Added Reseller who offers services such as supply chain management, project management, asset management services and many other key services to compliment your business.

As a Value Added Reseller (VAR), IncrediTek offers its customers insight into proven technologies that enhance network optimization. Our services accentuate your ability to fully leverage the power of your network.

IncrediTek has partner relationships with leading vendors worldwide. We stock service and support materials so that when a fuse panel is needed in the field, or cabling runs low, we’ve got you covered. This is yet another way IncrediTek adds value to the companies we work with and the partners for whom we sell for.