Services and Support

IncrediTek takes the time to understand your business goals. With increasingly complex technologies entering the industry every day, IncrediTek consistently remains on the cutting edge with constant training and experienced professionals. On average, our engineers have over 15 years of experience commissioning, installing and troubleshooting legacy and next generation optical networking technologies.

Whether it’s a minor upgrade or the turnkey installation of a new network, ensuring that your network is up and running as quickly as possible is critical to your bottom-line. At IncrediTek, we allow you to remain focused on your core business, while we make it top priority to keep the project on time and within budget.

We give you a Service Partner who understands your challenges and has the experience to deploy quickly without sacrificing quality or exceeding budget. IncrediTek’s Professional and Support Services portfolio is the result of years of experience, world-class tools and processes, and the expertise necessary to simplify and speed up your deployment.