2-Time Supplier Of The Year

An ongoing record of extraordinary performance of high quality work, mission critical deadlines met, and managed costs create a value proposition for the customer that sets IncrediTek apart from the rest.

IncrediTek earned significant recognition from one of the countries largest wireless telecom brands for their unparallel value and extraordinary work on their Digital Media Service content transformation and streaming project. A task of enormous proportion and importance for any provider, yet drastically scaled for one of the largest in the country. This is not an uncontested award, and earning it means to have proved superior value, financially and tactically. Over the course of a multi-year engagement, IncrediTek was tasked to lead a suite of critical responsibilities including, but not limited to, physical design, procurement, integration, and configuration of their DMS content transformation and streaming services. This effort made it possible to expand data delivery to their large-scale customer base, enabling and empowering them to connect to the content they demand from all wireless devices.

To simply issue “task completed” would not be enough to earn the Supplier of the Year Award. An ongoing record of extraordinary quality performance with deadlines met and costs managed set IncrediTek apart from the rest. Strategic partnerships with a network of vendors, a skilled workforce, and attention to detail made IncrediTek an excellent choice providing the customer a turnkey, ‘one-stop-shop’ option that earned the distinction of being named SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR 2012 and again in 2013.