March 3, 2010

Leaders Portfolio Interview with Rebecca Blacksmith

Leaders Portfolio with Rebecca Blacksmith, which airs on Washington DC’s Money 1260 Radio, featured Adam Pattisall, President & CEO of IncrediTek, as a guest on this prestigious show. The interview aired during the 11 a.m. program on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 on WWRC-1260AM and was simulcast at The show is also available on-demand 24/7 as an audio-cast at and by clicking here:

CEOs and other Principals are selected to appear on the show in order to discuss their leadership style and philosophy, their unique challenges and successes, and their methods for navigating their market sector during the present economic climate.

About Leaders Portfolio:
Leaders Portfolio with Rebecca Blacksmith is a CEO interview show hosted by a leader, about top leaders, for all leaders. Blacksmith has conducted over 3000 elite interviews and is currently working on her third Ivy League graduate degree. In addition to the radio audience, her interviews draw several thousand web visitors monthly. The show is sponsored by Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax, Dennis Kowal Architects, Wow Services Group as well as other businesses. The show features the Leaders Portfolio Awards which allow individuals to nominate the Business Leader of the Year and Leadership Business of the Year. For more information on the awards and the show, please visit: